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  Platão. Politeia

Aristóteles. - Política e outras obras.

S. Agostinho--James J. O'Donnell, Univ. of Penn

S. Tomás de Aquino--Stephen Loughlin

Nicolau Maquiavel

The Hume Archives--Jim Fieser, Univ. of Tennessee at Martin

The Karl Popper Web--Ray Scott Percival


Marx and Engels' Writings--English Server



Federalist Papers

The papers of George Washington

Links to the writings of US Presidents

J.S. MillOn Liberty

The Subjection of Women - JS Mill

E. Burke Reflections on the Revolution in France. - Edmund Burke.

The Revolt of the Masses. - Ortega y Gassett.


Second Treatise on Government - Locke

The Hume Archives is a repository of electronic texts by and about David Hume.

The Hume Society

The Bertrand Russell Archives at McMaster.

Karl Popper

autore2.gifDurkheim home page.


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The Marxism Page includes pointers to texts by Marx and other marxists, information about contemporary marxism, etc.

Links to material on Marxism/Leninism. Includes biographies, chronology, letters, writings.

The Marx and Engels Internet Archive.

Communist Manifesto - Marx & Engels

Kommunism has an e-mag The Neo-Commintern


Discourse on Reason - Descartes


The Nietzsche Page.

Pirate Nietzsche Page.

wpeA.jpg (17807 bytes) Hitler Mein Kampf


The M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence.

Mahatma Gandhi page.

Hegel by HyperText


The Idea Channel a forum for the discussion of political ideas.

The UBC Library has links relating to political philosophy

The Jon Elster Page.

The Friedrich Hayek Scholar's Page.

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